What Can Marketers Learn From Twitch?

I recently started enjoying Twitch and was struck by some common elements that all successful streamers shared that can be readily applied to marketers of all types.

If you’re not familiar with the Twitch, it’s a platform that lets people watch others play game live.  Many people have their own favorite gamers, or streamers, who they watch on a continuous basis – think like a TV show that has new episodes every day.  Streamers can make money by people “subscribing” to them every month to get various perks, or even people making direct donations to them.

There’s a lot of traffic to the site, which is the 40th most visited site in the world, but there is a ton of competition for this traffic between the over 2 million people who have streamed.  So what are the key elements that help streamers stand out in a high competitive space? (more…)