It’s the Little Things (That Make a Great Customer Experience)

Working in both marketing and technology, I know that many folks in these fields (including myself) have a tendency to look towards a fancy new system as a way to quickly improve results.  However, some moments bring home the fact that a new tech solution isn’t always the best place to focus your time – instead it should be on ensuring you’re creating a consistently amazing customer experience.

Most recently, it was the simple act of opening a bottle of wine.  IMG_1371Typically, the cork just has the name of the winery, but Keenan and others actually put their phone number right on it to encourage consumers to order more wine.  And what better time do prompt someone to do that than when they’ve just uncorked a bottle and are enjoying it?

Small things like this bring home to me the fact that marketing itself isn’t just about writing content, placing ads or even using some amazing new tech – it’s about thoroughly understanding your potential customers and how they find and use your product or service from that first touchpoint to a purchase and beyond.

Personally, I’ve found this means truly amazing marketing campaigns have to involve most other units of a business.  After all, what’s the point of generating leads when sales is using outdated materials, landing new customers when a product doesn’t meet key customer needs, or running content campaigns to existing customers who aren’t being properly supported?  Every piece, from back-end software down to your own “cork”, needs to be in place, and it’s marketing’s job to help ensure it is.


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